This 1951 Landrover® is owned by a Belgium customer, it has been in his family from new. We were given the task of restoring her. The whole project took about 18 months, it took this long because we only did it in our 'quiet' times ! The chassis was replaced with one that had come from an Army training school, so it was like new. Both axles were shot blasted, rebuilt and repainted. The engine was relinered back to standard, the crank was reground, new pistons were fitted. The cam was reprofiled and lead free valve inserts fitted with new valves. Needless to say when it was started it ran very well. The gear box was only checked over, as it had been ok. The steering box however needed the full treatment. All bodywork was shot blasted, apart for both front wings and one door which were new, then sprayed to a high gloss finish. The wiring loom was replaced, along with all the lights, to ensure reliability, along with new seats and canvas hood. I must admit when it was picked up we were very sorry to see it leave, it is now enjoying the sunshine in the south of France. If you would like to know more about the rebuild, or would like to discuss any work you would like doing on your vehicle, or just advice about how to do it or where to get parts.


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